Paypal account in Pakistan in 2019.

This is the guide to those who wanted to make paypal account in pakistan for free(verified account).

 Paypal is used withdraw money from many online sites like this one and also used to send money to someone abroad or get money from your customer outside of the country if you wanted to wok online you must need paypal account for money transaction because if you used your local bank services they cost greater amount on your transfer from one to another country.

If you are a freelancer or want to send money to someone or willing to buy products from the Amazon or somewhere else outside the country you must need this account along with the payoneer account.

Payoneer in pakistan

Payoneer (click here and get 25$ rewarded) is a great service that provides a debit card service (MasterCard) that is accepted worldwide and is also one of the most popular debit card services around the globe and that card we are going to use in the process of making PayPal account.

Actually, PayPal is basically a virtual wallet that you are going to signup and it must need to link up with you card that is used to transfer in or withdraw money from.

(We would use this debit card to verify our PayPal account.)

Get Verified PayPal Account in pakistan?

There are a few simple steps that are involved in the process. These are all the steps that I followed and indeed they worked gracefully.

we need to follow the some steps 

Step 1: Apply for PayPal Account (Will explain in a video)

If don’t like to watch video i short out some key points that must be followed

actually, PayPal is not available in Pakistan at first place that’s why you have to choose any other country from bottom right where the country flag is appearing, you could use fake address generator for that process to proceed with the country you selected but prefer to use some relevant’s address who live outside of the country just this is hactic task otherwise its just signup.

Step 2: Apply for Payoneer Debit card
Step 3: Get Payoneer Approval & Receive a debit card (explain in a video).

you have to sign up for Payoneer account and apply for Debit card(master card).

Step 4: Verify PayPal 

After completing all the process and reciving the card from payoneer you need to add that card with your paypal account in the paypal profile

Go Add bank or card option an add your card from their and get paid

(this option will show in left side of the screen when you scroll down the screen)

Click on Link card option

(when you click the above  option then  popup shows  select link card option from that popup) link your card from there and enjoy.

Step 5: Make Your First Withdrawal using Payoneer.

Step 6: Enjoy 25$ for free

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