iPhone Hacks and Guide.

Tricks and Hacks for iPhone.

As everybody knows android providing us the amazing features but still some features left behind and same time IOS 12providing us those features which were not covered or provided by Android manufacturer, Here we Guide you about some iPhone Hacks and tricks.

Iphone Hacks

Here we are going to discuss those specific Hacks and tricks those are saving our time on a daily basis.

One of the best Hack is Touch-pad.

When you are typing the paragraphs or writing the message(with touch pad) to someone and missed something to add in it and want to move back on that specific line or word but can’t go there just because of your cursor but in iPhone, you can move your cursor as easy as you can move mouse on your laptop’s touchpad with this you can reach your exact desired position in the paragraph.

How to use keyboard as a touch-pad ?

You just have to press the space-bar for little-bit longer than before you pressed for adding space between words while you pressing the space-bar your keyboard turns into the touch-pad and then you can easily move your cursor moving you thumb on your touch-pad.

Screen Time

Screen time is the most important thing in phones because everyone is busy nowadays and have no time to do any other activity and most of the time we are busy with our phones,

Screen time helps us to see what we are using most of the time and on which app we are wasting much time and we also check our all devices screen time from just one device and this feature also provide us weekly usage report on your OFF screen.

that can help us to improve our time managing skills.

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much

Numerous youngsters invest a great deal of energy watching or playing with electronic media – from TVs to video recreations, PCs and different gadgets.

Maybe guardians should ease up on their worries about screen time, at any rate for more established young men and young ladies.

Until a year ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended that kids and young people have close to two hours of screen time each day.

That’s a complete topic to talk about but here iphone screen time solve this problem you can decide that “How much is too much”.

How to Turn on Screen Time?

Turn On Screen Time
  • Turn on your iPhone /iPod touch/iPad.
  • Open settings scroll up a little bit and Click on Screen Time.
  • Click On “Turn On Screen Time”.

Flights Overhead

That’s actually not a trick but just a task that can be performed by Siri on your demand you can try this if you want to find out what airplanes are flying above you.

How to Check Flights overhead?

  • Open settings turn On the Wifi or Data plan.
  • Open Siri by a long press Home button on iPhone 8Plus or lower.
  • just say this to Siri “What flights are overhead” and it shows the details and skymap on your phone screen. It’s fun doing this must try it once.

Clearing Ram

In setting, there is no option from which you can stop apps from occupying ram, but there is a way in which you can clean up your iPhone’s ram easily.

How to an iphone’s Ram?

For Clearing your iPhone RAM you have to press and hold the power button until you see the slide to power off the phone. Then press and hold Home button. Your iPhone screen will flicker a bit then return to your home screen clearing your RAM.



It’s an emergency feature that you can use in an emergency if you set up an emergency contact in health app then it automatically calls the health emergency number you give in before in health app.

How to Active SOS Mode in iphone?

For doing this you can just press the Side or Top button(Power Button) five times rapidly by doing this iPhone automatically calls the emergency number of your country and you don’t have to dial the emergency numbers,

  • Turn On the Settings scroll up a little bit and click on Emergency SOS right underneath Touch id & Passcode.
  • You just have to turn on the auto-call from here.
  • Here it can show you which button you have to press on your iPhone Top or side.
  • After pressing the button 5 times rapidly it starts the count down and you can also turn Off or On the sound of count down from here.

Drag multiple apps to another screen

That’s an amazing and time-saving feature in IOS 11 and later you can save your time with a feature by dragging all apps at once instead of doing one by one.

How to Drag multiple apps in iphone ?

it’s easy to do this in IOS 11 or later you just have to select an app from your screen and when it starts moving and show the cross on the corner of the icon then you have to double tap the other items or apps you want to select or move on next screen or anywhere else.

Field Test

We measured the signal or career by just looking upon the bars on the right or left side of your phone but that’s not the right way to measure the strength of careers signal and that’s why we use the term field test in which we are measuring the signal in decibels, not in bars or dots that we have mostly seen in the right or left corner of our phones

How to perform field test in iphone?

  • For performing field test in iPhone Dial *3001#12345#* and press call button.
  • It shows the Field Test screen on which you can select the different option
    • SIM Info
    • GSM Cell Environment
    • PDP Context info
    • UMTS Cell Environment
    • MM Info

Erasing the Pargraphs

If you are texting or writing something in your iPhone and want to delete all at once you can do this in iPhone very easily, if you are going to delete all by your own then it can take time but with this feature, iPhone can save your time and effort that a normal android phone can’t but it can do this with the 3rd-party app that you can easily download from play store.

How to eras bulk in iphone?

For erasing the all or one paragraph at once you just have to shake your iPhone twice it can delete full paragraph.

Adding period

The period is the most necessary thing in the sentence because the sentence is incomplete without the period at the end of the sentence. Because the period is mostly used when you are texting or writing something on your phone but if it’s placed on the second screen of your keyboard you have to switch on that screen just for pressing that period button but in our case if you are iPhone user you don’t have to worry about that period thing. It’s easy to add period in iPhone at the end of sentences and but in android, you can also do this by installing third-party apps in it.

How to add period in iphone?

You just have to double tap the space-bar.

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